Variety of Blinds

Choosing blinds for your home is another way of decorating your windows with functional and beautiful window treatments. Variety of blinds including Venetian blinds, whether vinyl, aluminum, wood or faux wood – ranked at the top for the ease of use and neat looks. Another type of blinds called Cellular shades, which provide thermal protection aside from light filtering and look like a combination between Venetian and Roller Shades. There are also Roman Blinds that exist and made out of fabrics with a convenient chain to roll-up or down. Blinds can be mounted inside or outside the window frame. Inside mount provides cleaner looks whereas the outside mount makes the window look wider or hide unattractive parts of it.

Custom Blinds
Custom blinds are made to fit your window frames and home decor at its best. We work with several suppliers that provide the best materials by being durable and serve for the long term purpose over 5+ years! We proudly work with Toronto Interior Designers and happily supply blinds for their custom interior design projects.
Motorized (Automated) Blinds
Motorized or so-called automated blinds, operated by remote control and become more popular each day. At a touch of the button, the motor allows the blind to operate under several modes: open, close, full closure, partial opening etc. Most often, motorized blinds are a good option for blinds that are hard to reach such as a foyer or spaces with higher ceilings. Having the remote control without cords, automated blinds tend to be safer compared to the standard blind with the chain. Also, motorized blinds tend to be more functional due to the ability to open and close all the blinds at once whenever needed.

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