Grommet Curtains

Grommet Curtains
Grommet Curtain Panel

Grommet drapes and panels are especially stylish and popular because of simplicity and ability to match any interior with hints of modern or contemporary styles. Curtains on grommets are a universal fit for any room and many areas throughout the house. There is a variety of materials, patterns, and fabrics to use and create grommet drapes. Plastic rings with silicone layers on the inside allow the rod to pass through without making much noise while creating better comfort for the use of it.

Today with variety of options, you are able to buy grommet panels in different styles and lengths in home decor store or higher quality custom manufactures. Grommets drapes can be used for all kinds of purposes: French doors, sliding glass doors, large windows, picture windows or splitting the space drapes.

Choosing Grommet Curtains for Your Home


Measurements are important, when choosing grommet curtains as your window treatment. It is important to have enough fullness and length of a drape for it to look finished and elegant in the interior. Some grommet curtains aren’t looking attractive due to the lack of material and inaccurate measurements made at the beginning of production. The best look for the grommet drape is to almost touch the floor without fully reaching it.


Another important measurement is the width. If you have not enough width for your grommet panel, your curtain will end up too flat looking when fully closed on the window. It is important to keep them at least double width to look full with enough grommets. Also, when buying the hardaware rod, make sure it is a bit wider (4-6”) than your window as it will help to visually lengthen the windows and make drapes look rich and elegant.

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