Motorized Blinds

Motorized Window Treatments Looking to enhance your home with automated blinds or curtains? Great! Motorized shades (also known as electric shades, electric blinds, motorized shades and remote control shades) may be the answer you are looking for. Isn’t it amazing to have your window treatments move at the touch of a button?

This is a new, completely functional and efficient way to control your home system – from fully closed to fully open options available for your comfort. We provide the highest quality Somfy remote controls that are proven to have best durability and battery lifespan comparable to others. Wireless and remote switches provide the best comfort right at your fingertips.

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Battery vs. Hardwired Options

Battery Powered

The easiest way to install motorized blinds are through battery powered option. Instead of being connected via wire technique, the motorized blind has small space for battery to hide behind the shade. It creates more elegant look in case there are concerns about design or appearance of the blind. Batteries are easy to use and operate, whereas using hardwire technique become somewhat challenging. However, both of these options have its own pros and cons. Within time, batteries tend to be replaced or fixed to operate more powerful and precise.

Hardwired Alternative

If taking care of batteries seems a bit of a drag, hardwiring is an alternative way of installing motorized blinds. Fortunately, there are variety of motors with different voltages to help the blind operate powerful and quiet. Therefore, you should ask your electrician to prepare wires for your future motorized blind project. Thus, this option may seem like more work than another one, however, it provides more durability and longevity as a result.

Overall, visually there isn’t much different between battery operated or hardwired blind, except the tiny motor coming out on the side of wired motorized blinds. Feel free to look at our gallery of recent projects including roller shades, automated window treatments and much more.

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