Introduction to Pinch Pleated Curtains

Pinch Pleated CurtainsPinch pleat curtains have extraordinary decorative top by gathering together lots of material into the pleat that can be formed into decorative and functional drapery panel. This is a classy and perpetual way to decorate windows and match unique home interiors. Pinch pleats are permanent and attached to the drapery panel with hooks attached to the pole or a track.

Best Home Interiors for Pinch Pleated Drapes

Pinch pleated drapes are considered universal and classy in variety of interiors. Nonetheless, majority of interior designers prefer pinch pleated option more for traditional interiors rather than contemporary or modern. Due to the depth of the folds, pinch pleats are there to create bold statement on your windows and make an accent in the interior of your home. In regards with the space and areas, pinch pleated curtains are best suited for formal dining rooms, living areas and hallways.